The raw food king - Steve Meyerowitz (Sproutman) - the raw fooder of raw fooders

Steve proves that health dreams can come true on the sproutarian diet 

Steve is in his 70's, yet he thrives and looks better than pretty much everyone in the raw movement.  

He eats about 80% raw (was 100% for a bunch of years) and has lived on sprouts for over 40- years. He seems at peace with everything and doesn't have any struggles with the diet.  

 This is testiment to how powerful the sprout diet is. Dreams can come true with raw foods when you do the sprouts. Look at Sproutman in this video, AMAZING!!!

 How many raw fooders look that good? This fellow is a true raw foodie, a complete legend. No ego and trying to be a hero, he does his own thing, and he is very very knowledgable on diet.


Steve's message is this

* sprout your food to ensure it is fresh

* sprouting  ensures that fresh produce can be had by everyone all year around, even those in apartments in the middle of winter. 

* harness the power of many seeds. A carrot is grown by one seed, but an alfalfa salad is grown by the life force of hundreds of seeds.


Steve Meyerowitz (Sproutman) in Lithuania during Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference (extract)



You can't fake health like that. It clearly shows the sprout diet is working for him.

More videos with Steve Meyerowitz later.

Dr Brian Clement - director of Hippocrates Health Institute

Dr Brian Clement has been a high raw vegan for around 40 years and works at the highly regarded Hippocrates Health Institute

In my opinion he makes some of the best health videos. Here is perhaps his finest presentation ever recorded online. Everyone may not like how Brian talks because he is hard hitting and pulls no punches.

Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 1 of 10

(Included with each video are some basic notes l took at the time. Make of Brian's claims what you will...definitely worth a listen)

*natural fresh foods have high electromagnetic energy, so it is good for health. Vitamin and mineral pills have no electromagnetic energy.

* 8:56 -    9:57    = an athlete ate bad foods and his electromagnetic frequency diminished with each bite, but as he drank green juices and ate a salad his electromagnetic frequency increased.  WOW!!! – Dr Valerie Hunt tested this by measuring his electromagnetic frequency using Kirlian photographyin the early 1980’s.



Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 2 

* :36 – 2:00 =  eating three week old fruit and veggies is rubbish because the electromagnetic frequency has gone. That’s why the natural hygene diet kills you. This is why sprouts are the best, it’s fresh. WOW!!! 

* 2:45 -  4:10 =   10 – 30 times the amount of nutrition in sprouts than the best veggies (picked and eaten on the spot) have. Soil  greens such as buckwheat, sunflower greens, pea shoots and wheatgrass have 30 times as much nutrition as the best veggies picked on the spot.  Average sprouts like Clover or Onion sprouts etc have about 10 times the nutrition than the best veggies. These facts are known because Dr Valerie Hunt (a top bio-energetic doctor for the last 60 years) made the discovery by testing these foods.   

* 4:20 -  5:55   Sea vegetables (second food on earth) have the cell structure to hold onto the nutrients and have a very high electromagnetic frequency.  

* 5:55 -  7:22 =  Studies how magnetic frequency radiation by mobile phone towers have caused an increase in brain and liver cancers by 17.5 %.  

* 7:25 -  9:39 =  Salt is bad. It is all sodium chloride. Science proves this.



Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part3

* 0:01 -   Algae is also a high vibration food. Lt not only takes radiation out of the body, but it increases cellular vibration/frequency  (measured by bio-energetic meters). The higher the frequency the better the cells are at doing their job.  



Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 4


Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 5


Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 6

* 4:51 -  5:48 =  explains why the natural hygene diet of fruit and veggies doesn’t work (nutritional deficiencies) unless you grow your own.  They are: B12 deficient (90% of people), vitamin D, vitamin A (50% of people) deficient.

* 7:44 – 7:56 = many natural hygienists have blood sugar problems and end up with diabetes.

* Brian talks about why short fasting is better than long fasting.


Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 7

* Brian talks about why blending is bad, and talks about sprouted grains being good for B vitamins and talks about B12.


Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 8

* Vitamin D3 is from fish oil and it is rancid. Cancer causing and has little benefit in it. Wheat germ oil and cod liver oil is a waste product.

* Wheatgrass juice talk and algae.

* Brian recommends you take 12 oz green drink in morning + 12 Oz green drink in afternoon or at night. Also take 2 oz of wheatgrass juice in morning and 2 oz at night. (more if you are sick)

* Talks about juice.

* Wheatgrass powder is 1% effective compared to fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice because powdered cereal grass uses the pulp (only part of the plant) where-as the juice is actually the most important and potent part of cereal grass.

* Exercise = 35 minutes 5 days a week of Aerobics  and 1 - 1.5 hours 3 days a week of weight lifting.  

* Dr Kenneth Cooper (Copper research center) says that 35 minutes of aerobics is minimum to maintain health. If you do an hour you will get 3 – 4 times more benefit. He is an expert with 45 years clinical research experience.


Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 9

* 0:01 – 0:35 = sea vegetables don’t absorb ocean waste like people say. A Japanese study has shown this. But it is best to wash sea veggies because ocean pollutants can sit on top of them.

* 0:35 – 3:55 =  Someone challenges Brian about people being made to eat meat. He says we all need to be vegan.

* Brian say blood types for being made to eat meat is Nonsense.  Brian and his wife are type O blood types that are supposed to eat meat. HHI never takes into account blood types and all the people flourish. Blood type eating is all a theory. People who eat meat…it’s all mind over matter.

* 6:53 – 7:20 = Chelation theraphy doesn’t work as well as infra-red saunas and chlorella.

* 7:35  - 8:30 =  Mercury fillings. Need a specialist.



Dr. Brian Clement at Exotic Superfoods in Queens NY Part 10

* 0:00 – 2:25 = blood type talk (all silly theory).

* 6:36 – 9:00 = we are bioelectric, so we need electromagnetic treatment for getting well, not chemicals. We only use chemicals because of big pharma.




Dr Brian Clement in Dublin - an excellent 6 part serious that is highly motivational and covers many interesting things about diet and why we need to avoid anmal products and sprout our food


Brian Clement in Dublin - part 1 - 6









Why Choose Distilled Water ?



What Can be done for Dental Decay?



This is said to greatly help prevent the dental problems because the tooth paste has herbs that stops the various bad spiral bacterias that most toothpastes and foods can’t prevent.



The Safest Way To Purge The Body of Heavy Metals

1). Infra-red saunas (the best method)

2). Distilled water

3). Green juices/chlorella




The Importance of Wheat Grass

·         Phytonutrients are some of the most powerful  disease fighting and disease prevention health giving nutrients in plants, and sprouting grains into grass is the highest source of these phyto nutrients.

·         Wheatgrass is said to contain 96 elements out of a total of roughly 115 discovered in the universe.  .

·         The phytonutrients in wheatgrass is said to destroy every form of cancer tested, every form of virus researched, and every form of bad bacteria they have researched.




Viktoras Kulvinskas - star of the livings foods lifestyle

This man was the original co director at Hippocrates Health Institute and was the man responsible for bring sunflower greens, buckwheat lettuce and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae to the mainstream.  After years of struggle on the raw food diet, this man is now full of love and peace, and it shows. I love this man and he is the person who inspired me to become a sproutarian in the mid 1990's. I read his book `survival into the 21st cenbtury' far too many times to count, never have l read a book so much, it made me dream of what is possible, and now my dreams are slowly coming true. Raw foods, meditation, distilled waters,,a good attitude, keeping the ego in check and unconditional love are the keys.

Viktoras Kulvinskas says: Wake up


This is one of the most powerful raw food talks on the internet, no-one surpasses Viktoras when it comes to talking about the power of a raw spiritual lifestyle. This video is highly recommended for everyone - essential listening. Viktoras explains what you can achieve on the raw food sprout based diet when combined with meditation, and he is right on the money because his experiences are my experiences exacly!!!

The sproutarians keep on going year after year. They live on very little food, are high energy, have sharpened minds and become spiritual/in touch with the cosmos. We can surpass our greatest expectation when we follow the mediation/sproutarian path - it's worked for Viktoras, it worked for Ann Wigmore and it's working for me. We can live to our true potential, but we have got to eat the powerful fresh foods and become enlightened. Many may bomb out on the raw vegan diet, but it doesn't have to be that way in my opinion. The raw food sproutarians thrive year after year if they do the diet well.

Ann Wigmore - the shining light of the living foods lifestyle - there was no greater

No words can do justice to Ann Wigmore's legacy, she was a total inspiration. If l had a chance to have met one person in the world that l admire, it was Dr Ann. I love her and what she did with all my heart.

(videos of Dr Ann Wigmore coming soon).

Michael Bergonzi - Ex Hippocrates microgreens grower

A nice chap who knows everything about growing sprouts. He has certainly helped me out in the past when l have encountered various problems growing my greens. He is a great talker and  thinks for himself, definitely an indiviidual and has a very likable humour.

Michael Bergonzi: Chlorophyll/Green juice/Oxygen




(video of Micheal's coming soon).  

Sungazing - perhaps the most powerful therapy of all

There is lots of talk from [apparently] genuine people about the super power of sungazing. The things l hear about sungazing blows my mind. Ordinary people and spiritual masters alike report incredible things from this activity, things such as overcoming illness, throwing away glasses, and spiritual enhancement.

I was so amazed at the testimonials that l; decided to try it for myself, and this is what l have found so far. Nothing I have ever experienced come close to the power of sungazing. The second day l ever did this come the most incredible energy high and spiritual high l have ever had...it was the best day of my entire life, it was a perfect day, the best day ever. As l continue to do this l am amazed at the results, the power on my spirituality is clearly obvious. My mediation is greatly enhanced and l am resonating with sound vibrations all throughout my body. I did the sungazing for 50 seconds this morning, and already l am fully charged with a high electrical frequency pulsating all through my body. My compassion for people is enhanced to a level like l have never experienced.

Many people on the internet and various raw food forums also report great benefit from sungazing. Here are some testimonials from some people below.

Beware - the sun can only be looked at during the first 45 minutes of sunrise and the last 45 minutes of sunset because the U.V rays are zero during these times. If you do sungazing outside of these times it can cause blindness. A person must start off by only doing 10 seconds in the morning and evening and then increasing it 10 seconds each day.

Sun gazing for 25 minutes

* all the video is excellent, but this fellow starts getting really interesting at 9:40 onwards.



•? SUN GAZING ?• :Expands Pineal Gland, Stimulates overall healing (7 minutes)